How The ‘Bond’ Franchise Can Survive Hollywood’s Cinematic Universe Craze

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We discuss how the long-running James Bond series can continue in a Cinematic Universe driven box office.

Is James Bond the greatest action franchise of all-time? Many of you probably said yes straight away. For those that didn’t, however, your response might have been that it used to be. With the introduction of characters such as Jason Bourne, and, even, Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious alter-ego Dominic Toretto, Bond is increasingly finding his place in Hollywood under threat.

Is there a way in which the, ironically, famous MI6 spy can cement himself in a leading position? We believe there is, and funnily enough it lies in taking advantage of the industry’s current obsession with building cinematic worlds, or universes.

Cast your mind back to 1995 and Pierce Brosnan’s first appearance as 007 in GoldenEye. The movie opens with Bond on a mission, but for once he’s not working alone, as Sean Bean’s 006 is not far behind. Watching this scene back made us realise that the filmmakers may have a fantastic opportunity on their hands.

For months we’ve been hearing that Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Damian Lewis are the bookies favourites to take on the legendary role, should Daniel Craig be on the way out. More recently, fans have raised X-Files star Gillian Anderson to be the first ‘Jane’ Bond. Well, what if you heard that all five of these incredible performers could be cast at once. What if we expanded the franchise to encompass the adventures of a handful of double ‘0’ agents.


Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean in GoldenEye

While we would absolutely want Bond to remain the most central figure, the prospect of allowing other actors, and actresses, to play spies of their own is enticing from a business perspective, as well as for the audience, given that the potential income from such an endeavour would be considerably more than it currently stands, with one film being released every 3-4 years on average.

The intertwining of storylines and characters would not have to be as strong as we see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for example, however it could borrow from the idea of the infinity gems (which bind the Marvel movies together) as there could perhaps be a central organisation behind the individual ‘bad guys’ in each of the solo outings. Maybe 004 takes on this person, and 002 takes on that person, but ultimately MI6 head M would connect the dots and discover that all the antagonists are linked to one network of, say, terrorists. You could also play with the idea that realistically it would be very unlikely that all the double ‘0’s would know each other, as MI6 wouldn’t want all the information they’ve gathered from each agent being passed around the office, and so you could have a humorous scene where they meet one another for the first time.

While it’s unclear where MGM plans on taking Bond, they certainly have a number of options to consider before moving forward. Whatever the studio decides to do we would love to see a development of such a beloved franchise in order to breathe some fresh air into its 50-year-old life.

Where do you think the Bond franchise should go?

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Source: MGM

One thought on “How The ‘Bond’ Franchise Can Survive Hollywood’s Cinematic Universe Craze

  1. Ridiculous! In a world that is I overrun with gadgets, it’s crazy that they have been taken away from 007. What makes Bond, Bond?? The gadgets, the girls, the cars AND the Bond music, all pretty much taken away due to….?
    With most of those things taken away, he had been turned into just another “bad ass spy”. Those things set him apart, bring them back. Did you see Quantum of Solace?? Week!
    As a lifelong Bond fan, his identity needs to return so he can be the original and one and only !!


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