‘Hell Or High Water’ Trailer

Hell Or High Water Trailer

The first trailer for Hell or High Water starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges has been released online.

Coming off of the all-round success of his 2013 film Starred Up, director David Mackenzie looks to up his game and further his reputation with Hell or High Water, a crime drama praised at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for its strong characters and high stakes.

The film stars an array of talented performers including Chris Pine (The Finest Hours), Ben Foster (Warcraft: The Beginning) and Jeff Bridges (Seventh Son), with Sicario writer Taylor Sheridan penning the screenplay.

50-year-old Mackenzie was able to demonstrate his abilities in filmmaking more clearly than ever in Starred Up, balancing heavy, hard-hitting scenes of violence with an emotional family-centred story, and certainly drew the best performance from Jack O’Connell (Money Monster) we’ve seen yet in the process. The Dissolve‘s Tasha Robinson highlights the directors talents saying,

“The most tremendous thing about Starred Up is exactly how simple it keeps things, and what a richly nuanced story emerges in the process”.

With Hell or High Water, the acting chops of Chris Pine and Ben Foster are channelled into brothers Toby and Tanner, who resort to undertaking criminal activity in order to save their family’s farm. The premise certainly seems to play into Mackenzie’s hand, presenting him with an opportunity to show his keen eye for heavy-hitting, heart-warming drama once again.

In HELL OR HIGH WATER, two brothers, Toby (Chris Pine) and Tanner (Ben Foster), go on a calculated bank robbery spree that puts them on a collision course with a West Texas Ranger (Academy Award©-winner Jeff Bridges) determined to take them down.

What do you make of the new trailer?

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You can head out to see Hell or High Water on August 26th.


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