New ‘Suicide Squad’ Tie-In Music Video Shows Unseen Footage

With just 43 days left to go until the film’s release, the band Twenty One Pilots has unveiled their official tie-in music video for Suicide Squad.

From what we’ve gathered about DC Extended Universe films going forward, particularly from the Justice League news that broke earlier this week, a fun time at the movies is what Warner Bros. is looking for from its superhero offerings. Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been relentlessly bombarded with disappointed reviews, primarily because of its incoherent story, it seems there’s been a conscious shift in thinking at the studio, and the first signs of this are evident in the promotional material for upcoming DC antihero team-up film Suicide Squad.

While there was always an indication that Suicide Squad would be a more rip-roaring ride than the down-on-its-luck Batman v Superman, there’s no question that the squad features some pretty dark and twisted characters of its own. However, each of the key players in the movie including Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith) and the infamous Joker (Jared Leto), have all come across as having an element of fun, if a little sadistic, about them. We also heard from director David Ayer (Fury) that the reshoots on the film were carried out in order to add “more action, which will no doubt keep the story moving at a faster pace with action sequences spluttered throughout to keep the audience entertained.

With Suicide Squad‘s August release fast approaching, the film’s official soundtrack was released late last week, with this week’s music related news coming in the form of a new tie-in music video for the song Heathens, performed by the band Twenty One Pilots. The video features all-new unseen footage from the movie, while the band members themselves are filmed as if to be inmates in the prison where the “bad guys” are kept:

What are your thoughts on Suicide Squad at this stage?

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Suicide Squad shoots into theatres on August 5th.

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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Sources: FUELED BY RAMEN, Warner Bros.

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