Jena Malone’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Role Revealed?

Hunger Games Actress Jena Malone’s role in the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman may have been revealed.

Since the Ultimate Edition was announced shortly before the film’s release, fans have been excited to see the extra 30 minutes of footage that did not make it into the cinematic version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The main area where the film fell short in the eyes of a large number of audience members and critics was in its story, and, as we’ve previously mentioned, we feel that that comes down to how director Zack Snyder chose to edit the movie, which left a handful of sub-plots unexplored, the bullet from Nairomi for example, and certain character motivations, namely that of Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor (Jr.),  somewhat inexplicable.

However, with the home-release of BvS getting closer, many are interested to see exactly what was left out of the final cut of the film, namely the much-talked-about involvement of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One actress Jena Malone.

A report from has claimed  that a video posted to Reddit from YouTube titled “Batman V Superman – Ultimate Edition – End Credits”  credited Malone as Jenet Klyburn. The video has since been removed, but, if true, does indicate that previous reports as to the identity of her character were correct.

While Klyburn doesn’t seem too important to the activities of Superman or Batman, the article puts forward that Malone’s role tied in with the bullet previously mentioned, fleshing out the subplot that didn’t seem to go anywhere in the cinematic showing.

Of course, this has not been officially confirmed, so we’ll just have to see for ourselves when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released on Blu-ray on August 1st.

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