‘Battlefield 1’ Multiplayer Gameplay

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Electronic Arts takes us back to WWI with Battlefield 1 the latest in its Dice series of fps video games.

With the E3 conference currently in full swing, EA has taken the opportunity to unveil its upcoming Battlefield 1 video game, placing the controllers into the hands of celebrities and gamers.

IGN has released a handful of gameplay videos on YouTube including the 15 minute online multiplayer footage shown below, which places the spotlight on Battlefield’s most popular game mode that has always brought an incredibly immersive, full-scale battleground for players to navigate, and make choices as to how to help their team prevail.

The game looks fantastic, with all the weapons, vehicles, customisation, destruction and other elements that Battlefield lovers have come to expect over the years, while at the same time making evermore use of the processing capabilities of current-gen consoles, which has allowed the developers to further enhance the player’s experience.

What do you make of Battlefield 1 so far?

Tell us below or on Twitter!

Battlefield 1 launches on PS4 and XBOX One October 21st.

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Source: IGN

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