‘Batman V Superman’s’ Robin Suit Confirmed As Jason Todd’s

Warner Bros. has confirmed that the graffitied robin costume shown in Batman v Superman belonged to Jason Todd.

Although Warner Bros.‘ latest comic book movie has performed adequately at the global box office, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has left a number of fans dissatisfied, with the overall consensus being that while the movie had a number of well choreographed action sequences and iconic moments, it lacked the fluidity and clarity of story that is required in creating a successful film. BvS certainly had its sights’ set on expanding the world created in Man of Steel, even if things felt a little forced, which does bode well for the future of the DC Extended Universe, offering a number of different story options and side plots that could absolutely play to the filmmakers’ advantage.

Ben Affleck’s Batman was clearly a very positive point for the film, with fans continuing to praise the 43-year-old’s portrayal of the older, more world-weary Bruce Wayne. Dawn of Justice contained a handful of easter eggs, particularly those indicating what may lie ahead in future for the Batman character, including the decision to place a beat-up robin costume within the batcave, the graffiti on the suit reading “Hahaha Jokes on you Batman”. Unfortunately, this was spoiled early on in the trailers, along with a number of other scenes, but readers of the comic book story ‘A Death in the Family’ were jumping up and down at the possibility that the costume may have belonged to the second Robin Jason Todd, as it does in the original story.

The Joker and Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood

It seems the fans may have been right to assume this, with a new video posted on the Warner Bros. Studios Tour Hollywood Facebook page giving us a look at various props and costumes used in the movie, one being the Robin suit, which the guide says is Jason Todd’s – unfortunately the video has since been removed. While this isn’t really a surprise, it’s nice to see that WB is planning to carry on bringing certain story elements from the source material over to the films.

For those who are not aware of the original story, Jason Todd is killed by The joker which has an unparalleled impact on Bruce Wayne, who struggles with his young crime-fighting partner’s death, and blames himself for not being able to protect him. Later on, however, Todd returns as popular antihero Red Hood, who comes into conflict with Batman on a number of occasions. The arrival of this news points to DC using parts of the Red Hood story arch in Batman’s future outings.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now playing in cinemas. 

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Source: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

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