Karl Urban Calls On Netflix And Amazon For A Sequel To ‘Dredd’


Dredd star Karl Urban has announced on Twitter that he is up for returning in a sequel to the 2012 modern cult-classic.

Fans of the Judge Dredd comic book series rejoice as the star of the 2012 film adaptation, Dredd, Karl Urban has taken to Twitter to notify his followers and fans that he too wants to do a sequel to the much-loved movie.

Written by Alex Garland (Ex Machina) and starring Urban, who is set to return to his role as Dr. Leonard McCoy in Star Trek: Beyond this year, the character’s first film was not able to perform at the box office, taking a measly $40.86 million Worldwide off of a $35 million budget. That said, the numbers do not reflect the film’s reception through word of mouth, which subsequently led to many enjoying the adaptation very much. Even its Rotten Tomatoes score, certified fresh at 75%, tells a different story to the flick’s disappointing financial take-in. Of course, that has led to many believing that we won’t get a sequel, however, there are some, including executive producer Adi Shankar, who are desperate to see one made, going so far as to create a petition in support of its production.

Urban himself recently replied to a comment from a fan on Twitter, with regards to the possibility of a follow up film or television series, calling on Netflix or Amazon to make the sequel happen.

Given the success of Amazon and, particularly, Netflix in producing high quality TV series and films of their own, it seems Dredd 2 would be a fitting venture for either company. With Netflix pushing shows such as Marvel‘s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, The Judge would fit in very well among the offering of comic book properties that have seen continued increase in popularity.

Sign the 145,000 signature petition for more Dredd here!

Stay tuned for more on Dredd 2 as it happens.


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Source: Karl Urban

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