Jesse Eisenberg Hints Lex Luthor’s Story Was Clearer In Original ‘Batman V Superman’ Cut

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Jesse Eisenberg suggests Lex Luthor’s story is explained more clearly in the original cut of the film.

With the theatrical run of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just entering its fourth week, it’s no question that the film has not performed quite as well as most expected. Made for a budget of around $250 million, it was reported that Warner Bros. had set an $800 million Worldwide mark to deem whether or not the flick was a success. At this point, BvS is sitting close to that figure. It seems the overall verdict is that the movie has many great moments, but those moments tend to be overshadowed by convoluted storytelling. This has left opinion split among both critics and audiences.

One of the areas that left many fans a little disappointed was in Jesse Eisenberg‘s depiction of Lex Luthor (Jr.). The character was shown to be perhaps a little to maniacal for some, with odd shakes and quivers, and ramblings about his hatred of Father figures. Luthor was not perhaps as fully fleshed out in the final cut of the film as he was before, and Eisenberg has recently come out to give us a little more insight as to the ‘editorial choices’ made that did not reflect his character’s motivations as strongly. Speaking with MTV, the 32-year-old had this to say:

“It’s a very complicated mythology that I was able to wrap my head around while we were filming, but I think there were certain editorial choices that I was not aware of that they put in retroactively.”

It almost seems as though Eisenberg himself was a little disappointed with the way BvS was dealt with in the editing room, and that choices were clearly made without his knowledge. Many have been quick to suggest that the editing of the film is really what lets it down, and it isn’t something we haven’t seen before with director Zack Snyder. Looking back on the franchise’s first film Man of Steel (2013), Snyder was able to tell a cohesive story, placing some beautiful action set pieces in along the way. With BvS, it seems Snyder really focused on the action scenes, rather than nailing the narrative beats that were really necessary in explaining why such a conflict between two ‘good guys’ would take place.

For the time being, Snyder remains attached to direct the upcoming Justice League movies, Parts One and Two, but as to whether or not that will stick is up for debate.

What did you think of Batman v Superman?

Do you think Zack Snyder should stay on as a director?

You can go check out Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in cinemas now.

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Source: MTV

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