New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Clips And B-Roll Footage

File_000 (16)

Marvel Entertainment has released a handful of new clips preparing us for the epic hero showdown in Captain America: Civil War.

With its release date fast approaching, Marvel has begun to ramp up the marketing for its latest, and arguably biggest, film to date Captain America: Civil War. The new clips come as part of a torrent of trailers, posters and stills from the movie, which is getting fans very excited indeed.

Many of you may be aware that Marvel boldly held a critics screening on April 9th, almost a month before the film’s official release, with the review embargo lifted just a few days following. This is very different from Warner Bros. handling of the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which the studio decided hold to its chest until days before its opening – perhaps WB wasn’t convinced of BvS’ quality either, something that fans and critics alike are very mixed on.

DC movies aside, its Marvel’s first outing of 2016, and everything we’ve seen and heard so far, from the action-packed footage to the early reaction from critics, points to Civil War being a strong contender for best Marvel movie thus far.

Feast your eyes on the newly released clips below:

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