‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Extended TV Spot 2

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Watch the latest TV spot from Warner Bros. promoting the highly anticipated superhero film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; contains all-new footage.

The latest in a series of clips and TV spots, this new promo features a plethora of yet unseen footage, getting fans even more excited (if that’s possible) to watch their two favourite fictional characters take to the silver screen. Batman v Superman is without doubt the entertainment headline of the month, and will likely continue to be in the next, with people of all ages clamoring to see the showdown of the century.

Many lucky fans got the chance to see a special early screening of the film last night in select IMAX screens, and boy have they been loud about it! At the moment, the response has been very positive, with early-viewers taking to Twitter to give their NON-SPOILER reactions:

With that said, it’s important to remember both that these are immediate on-the-spot reactions from those who had just finished watching the movie, and, as always, that all film is subjective. Of course such positive comments are promising and far better than the alternative!

BvS looks set to make bank at the box office, with current reports suggesting that the film is tracking around a $350 million opening, which would make it the second highest pre-summer earning in history, behind last year’s Furious 7. It’s likely that many fans will go for repeat viewings, which is ultimately the driver behind the big blockbuster movies racking up Worldwide totals of $1 billion-plus, and with the volume of marketing Warner Bros. is currently putting out it would be surprising if your Grandma won’t be asking to see it.

Have you got your BvS tickets?

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Head to your local cinema for Batman v Superman starting March 25th.

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 Sources: Deadline, JoBlo Movie Trailers, Warner Bros.

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