‘ 10 Cloverfield Lane’ Extended Clip


An extended clip from the newly released 10 Cloverfield Lane has hit the web, showcasing the film’s characters, tone and setting.

10 Cloverfield Lane may be the hottest movie in town right now, going from complete non-existence, in most people’s minds, to becoming the film everyone’s talking about. Having ‘Cloverfield‘ in its title, the new drama has also sparked excitement in the minds of fans of the 2008 found footage thriller of the same name, but for those who are expecting a fully fledged sequel, don’t hold your breathe.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman and John Gallagher Jr. play three distinct characters living in an underground bunker together, although their relationships with one another are not mutually civil. Michelle (Winstead) wants to escape, partly because she wants to know what’s going on outside, and partly because Howard (Goodman), the owner of the bunker, seems creepy and quite dangerous.

Synopsis provided by The Wrap:

“The majority of the movie takes place in an underground cellar, home to a teenage girl and a caretaker.  The girl woke up in the cellar after a car accident, at which point her eerie companion tells her a nuclear attack has devastated society.  The girl still hopes to escape.”

The Wrap‘s synopsis, written back in 2014, remained the only source of information we had on the film right up until a week or so before its release. director Dan Trachtenberg (Portal: No Escape) and producer J.J.Abrams kept the movie’s details very close to the chest, and so 10 Cloverfield Lane has remained fairly unspoiled for the most part, something that’s hard to come by these days.

New Clip:

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10 Cloverfield Lane is in cinemas now.


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Source: Paramount Pictures

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