‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ TV Spots 3 & 4

File_002 (2)

Things get intense in these new TV Spots for the upcoming DC/Warner Bros. film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The new spots arrive in the midst of a barrage of trailers, images and posters as the marketing for this movie ramps into full gear building up to its March release.

Following the film’s second full trailer, many fans were slightly concerned as to how much of the story may have been revealed already, and have been critical of the footage saying that it gave away too much. Though recent comments from director Zack Snyder may have calmed down those fears, suggesting that there is much more in store that we may not have expected, it seems as though the filmmakers may have had a little chat with the marketing department at Warner Bros. considering that all of the footage we’ve seen since has revolved around the prized match-up between Batman and Superman (refer to the film’s title), which is ultimately what movie-goers really want, and will be paying, to see.

Perhaps the problem with the latest trailer was not that it showed too much, rather that it showed the wrong thing, and I’m not referring to the Doomsday reveal, it’s when you show Bats and Supes fighting together side by side, even sharing a comedic moment, that’s the bad move. We all knew that they would find a way to work out a truce in the end, but if you’re going to put out a trailer for X Vs. Y it doesn’t make sense for you to show them hanging out after the conflict, we’ll see that in the movie as part of the resolution.

With all that said, the shift back towards focusing on the main event is very welcome, and it comes with heaps of intensity. In TV Spot 3 we are given the situation from Superman’s perspective as he expresses his concerns over the ‘Bat vigilante’s reign of terror’:

TV Spot 4 provides us with Batman‘s perspective as he angrily speaks with his Butler Alfred about the extremity of the potential danger Superman presents, confirming that thousands of people died during the events of Man of Steel:

Do these spots make you more or less excited for Batman V Superman?

Let us know!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres March 25th, 2016.


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