McConaughey Shines In The New ‘Free State Of Jones’ Trailer

File_000 (1).jpeg

The first trailer for Gary Ross Free State of Jones, starring Matthew McConaughey as Newt Knight, has been released online.

Based on a true story, Free State of Jones follows defiant southern farmer Newt Knight, who, having survived the battle of corinth (1862) during the American Civil War, decides to bring together, and lead, a group of other small local farmers and slaves in order to rise up against the confederacy in Jones County, Mississippi. A new ‘Free state’ is declared, establishing a mixed-race community, however Knight’s struggles continue into reconstruction, leading him to be recognised as a strong symbol of defiance far beyond the days of the war.

The film stars Gugu Mbatha-RawKeri RussellMahershala AliBrendan GleesonJacob LoflandBrad CarterSean Bridgers and Kirk Bovill opposite the aforementioned Matthew McConaughey, who looks to continue his fine form having reshaped his career with standout performances in films such as Dallas Buyer’s Club and Interstellar.

Are you looking forward to seeing Free State of Jones?

Let us know!

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