Margot Robbie Dishes The Dirt On ‘Suicide Squad’s’ Harley Quinn


Margot Robbie talks about playing the infamous princess of crime, and what Will Smith is like off-camera.

Since appearing in Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Australian actress Margot Robbie has soared to fame with audiences everywhere wanting to see more and more from her on screen.

After delivering a sound performance in Z for Zachariah last year, and recently making a memorable appearance in golden globe nominee Picture The Big Short, the 25 year-old is set to win over fanboy’s hearts as DC comic book villain Harley Quinn, who will appear alongside a host of other bad guys in the upcoming Warner Bros. film Suicide Squad, which is set for release this summer after the much anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in March. After a very successful start to its marketing campaign, Suicide Squad may become one of the biggest movies of the summer season, and so many are keen to hear more details surrounding the production.

Cineplex recently spoke with Robbie, asking her what it’s like to play the crowned prince of crime’s accomplice:

“Harley is creepy, violent, crazy — all of the things that I aspire to be!”…”No. It’s the fun of living vicariously through someone who is doing things that I would never do in real life”

She certainly seems enthusiastic about the role, and the character thrives on that youthful energy, of game-playing and trickery, whilst also being “creepy“, “violent” and “Crazy“.

File_002 (1)

Will Smith as Deadshot in ‘Suicide Squad’

In real life“, the Australian actress recently got to work with crowd favourite Will Smith in comedy-crime-drama Focus, in which both Robbie and Smith play con artists who fall for one another. It was clear then that the two had great chemistry and with Suicide Squad it seems they were very happy to get the opportunity to work together again:

“I enjoyed working with Will so, so much that I was overjoyed when I heard that we would be working together again,” “I actually texted him when I heard he was in negotiations to be in Suicide Squad and kept peer-pressuring him, ‘You’d better be taking this movie!’ He obviously signed on for his own reasons, but I was so incredibly happy that we got to do Round Two. He’s awesome on set and awesome off set. He’s just a really, really good person.”

We look forward to seeing the pair of them in what is sure to be an action packed movie!

Suicide Squad hits theatres August 5th.


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