‘Batman V Superman’ Sneak Peek


The Man of Steel rips off the Dark Knight‘s mask in a brand new sneak peek at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Warner Bros. ran a preview of Batman V Superman during an episode of Gotham on CBS last night with many fans tuning in to catch the 50-second piece of footage.

The video provides us with a closer look at a small part of the desert scene, rumoured a little while ago to be a dream sequence, or nightmare, that Bruce Wayne suffers at some point in the film. In the clip we see Batman tied up in an underground bunker along with a few other men who are being held captive by the soldiers with the ‘S’ patches we saw in the second trailer, we then get Superman dropping down into the bunker, like a bomb hitting the ground, and he begins to slowly walk up to the dark knight, sneering as he does. We’re shown clear closeups of Batman/Bruce Wayne’s face throughout as his emotions turn from anxiousness, to fear, then to anger as the alien who destroyed a city in the previous film rips off his mask, most likely to humiliate him.

Check out the preview below:


It is important to remember that the footage we’re seeing is very likely taken from a dream sequence and therefore Superman is not acting in a way he would in reality, at least not willingly, so at this point we can’t say whether or not his character will be handled in a cold way as some have speculated. Rather what’s happening here is Bruce’s mind is manifesting his worst fears that this God-like being will become a fearless tyrant, and ultimately the movie will show the caped crusader feeling out, or testing, to see whether his nightmares are more real than just subconscious projections.

So what did you make of this sneak peek?

Let us know!


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theatres March 25th, 2016.


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