Costumes Galore: Concept Art Shows Off ‘Batman V Superman’ Outfits, New Design Details For ‘The Flash’ Suit


DC has released previously unseen concept art for Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman, and new rumours suggest The Flash will have a tech-based suit.

In their latest episode, DC All Access talk with costume designer Michael Wilkinson who explains the direction he and director Zack Snyder took in creating the suits for DC‘s trinity as they will appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wilkinson really emphasises that Snyder had a clear vision for the look of the characters which was fundamental to accurately representing who they are: Batman should be a big, intimidating figure who represents the pinnacle of human physical perfection and the embodiment of fear itself, Wonder Woman should represent courage and strength yet also elegance at the same time, and Superman must evoke power, warmth and hope but also feel a little extraterrestrial to us.

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Warner Bros. continues to push ahead with its various other DC Cinematic Universe projects including their planned Flash movie which will present the studio with many challenges if it is to make a truly great live-action adaptation of the Scarlet speedster.

The Flash does already have a very successful live-action TV show on the CW network, The Flash, which has a strong following and has entered its second season. Still, WB seems committed to keeping its film and TV universes separate and so the upcoming big screen version of the character must stand apart from his small screen counterpart.

Den of Geek reports that the Barry Allen of the movies, who will be portrayed by Ezra Miller, will wear an armoured “tech-based” suit, a good way for WB to differentiate between the two and create a fresh look for the red blur. Perhaps we can expect some influence from the popular DC videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us that has clearly been a pointer for new character designs in recent years.

So what do you make of the costume designs for WB’s upcoming slate of DC movies?.. Which one’s your favourite?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit cinemas March 25th, 2016, The Flash is set for a March 23rd, 2018 release.


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