Top 20 Best Comic Book Movies Ever Made


From web-slingers to boy-scouts we rank the top comic book movies of all time. 

20. Blade II (2002)

With the respective releases of Blade (1998) and X-Men (2001), fans could not help but rejoice that hollywood was finally taking superhero movies seriously. After the stench of Batman & Robin, a particularly low point of the pre 2000’s comic book genre, fans were looking forward to seeing these fresh new takes on their favourite characters continue with sequels and spin-offs. Blade 2 built on the successes of its predecessor as Guillermo del Toro returned with his eye for the weird and wonderful. Wesley Snipes plays the half vampire who is needed to take on a new strain of more vicious vampires. Filled with bone-breaking fights and R-rated violence, this movie was anything but another cheesy comic book flick.

19. Snowpiercer (2013)

18. Men In Black (1997)

Based on the Marvel comic series, Men in Black united the legendary Tommy Lee Jones with the ageless fan favourite Will Smith. Giving us a brand new take on the buddy-cop concept, the script writers creatively blended sci-fi, action and humour, even giving us some emotional moments, which all added up to a movie with a lot of heart..and a place in it’s audience’s too.

17. Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

16. Kick Ass (2010)


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