New Second Trailer For ‘Ride Along 2’


Crowd pleasers Kevin Hart and Ice Cube return in the sequel to last year’s highly successful film Ride Along, Ride Along 2. A brand new trailer for the film has just been released by Universal Pictures and be advised, it comes with some laughs.

Check out the trailer below:

It’s no secret that over the last few years funny man Kevin Hart has been everywhere; movies, TV, magazine covers.. you name it, and there is no question that while being a, self-confessed, self-made success story, Hart has stylishly won over the adoration of the general public. You then pair him with one of the biggest names in music Ice Cube, and you have almost every chance that your movie, whatever it is, will perform at the box office. Well that was Universal‘s plan and now a year and a half on we know that Ride Along, although not gaining much praise from critics, proved highly successful copping in over $153 million from a mere $25 million budget.

So it was clear that a follow up would be made and we are now five months away from seeing if Hart and Cube can do it again.

Ride Along 2 stars Kevin Hart (Ben Barber), Ice Cube (James Peyton), Olivia Munn (Maya Cruz) and Ken Jeong (A.J.), and is set to open in theatres January 22nd, 2016.

What are your impressions of Ride Along 2 so far?

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