Paramount Has Hired Creator of ‘Walking Dead’ And Other Top Writers For ‘Transformers’ Universe Plans


Paramount Pictures wants to create its own cinematic universe and what better franchise to achieve that goal with than the highly successful Transformers series.

Although many critics and audience members alike have been very critical of director Michael Bay‘s efforts since the second film in the Product-placement-prone franchise, Revenge of the Fallen, the property is one that continues to draw crowds and rake in the profits with the last two (Dark of the Moon, Age of Extinction) taking in over $1 billion at the Worldwide box office. That being said, the demand for the Transformers, or at least Michael Bay‘s take on them, is falling in North America with the most recent, Age of Extinction, seeing over a $100 million decrease in domestic box office revenue. As the American public becomes less interested however, Hasbro‘s transforming robots are currently experiencing soaring popularity in China, alongside the increasing wealth of the huge population there, which translates to even greater potential for the franchise overseas. AoE broke records in China, making over $222 million in just 10 days.


The Wrap has reported that plans to get the ball rolling have already begun. Paramount have hired Oscar winning writer Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind) to recruit the coming Transformers Universe with top talent, and that seems to be exactly what Goldsman is doing.


According to the report, creator of “The Walking Dead”, Robert Kirkman, comic book series,”Iron Man” screenwriters Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, Jeff Pinkner from ‘”The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and Zak Penn, who has written the script for “Pacific Rim 2,” are all close to signing deals for new sequels and spin-offs with Optimus Prime and the autobots. Goldsman and, deep breathe, Michael Bay will develop the expanding world.

Transformers 5 is set for release in 2017


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