Mews Picks: Jason Statham Back In The Day, Will Ferrell ‘Step Brothers’ Remix, Mcconaughey Reacts To ‘Star Wars’ Trailer

In his latest film Furious 7 the Transporter star shows no fear, taking on the people’s champion Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and coming out almost unscathed. But here’s a little throwback to the hollywood action star’s early days.

You can find these and many other clips of Statham over on Imgur, and much much more!

“So many activities!”

At least for youtubers tvshowvideos. The channel recently posted a remix of the “This is how we do it” (Montell Jordan) moment in Step Brothers (2009). To be honest we always liked Ferrell and Reilly‘s version better anyway.

Check it out below:

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See Matthew Mcconaughey’s reaction to the Star Wars trailer

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