‘Batman V Superman’ Official Trailer With Breakdown

“Tell me, do you bleed?…You will”.

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Zack Snyder has uploaded the full HD trailer, it’s official.

The trailer captures Snyder‘s early comments perfectly, drawing very strongly from The Dark Knight Returns and it’s grounded, political take on the reaction to a Superman living in the real World. We get to see a good bit of Batman, which is really what we needed from the teaser. And that’s the amazing thing..this is the teaser..and yet it’s over two minutes long, packed with dialogue from Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) to Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth) and even what sounds like Charlie Rose and Neil deGRasse Tyson(?), plus easter eggs (see below), action sequences, and while giving us all that it doesn’t give away much at all, a strong criticism of the Avengers: Age of Ultron marketing campaign.

Few things to notice:

The Riddler question mark appears on one of the pillars of a building Batman seems to be investigating:

otherAppsImage (4)

Spec Ops/Guards wear Superman ‘S’ logo patch on the shoulder of their uniform.


Dark Knight Returns Rifle – In Frank Millar’s graphic Novel, Bruce uses a sniper rifle as a line launcher (grapple). The Dark Knight also uses rubber bullets to subdue enemies.


The heavily armoured suit from TDKR as well, looks stunning. *Possibly constructed from Kryptonian debris from Man of Steel?


What do you make of Batman’s voice?.. Or is it someone else talking?

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