Zack Snyder ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Rumours, DC and Marvel Truce? [Update]

According to a report put out by Latino Review, and confirmed by ColliderSnyder will send out a tweet containing the first few seconds of the trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on Thursday evening (GMT). Fans will also be encouraged to sign up to see the full trailer at special screenings on April 20th.

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What’s Even more interesting is that the report also states the first official trailer for the film will also be attached to Marvel‘s superhero team-up sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. While this seems a little odd, you can understand that Warner Bros. will want everyone and their  mother to see it, and of course The Avengers can guarantee that huge crowd. It would also mark a kind of truce between the two studios. After all they are both in the business of making comic book movies, and there’s no doubt that Kevin Feige (commander in chief at Marvel Studios) will be all too aware that the Marvel train is likely to slow down as of next year seeing as no other character can really compete with the popularity of Batman. And so inevitably, with the potential success of BVS, the two will have to learn how to share their space with each other on the big screen.


NEW – A Variety report claims that the trailer will make its debut in selected IMAX theatres in the US on Monday. The news has come from Celebration Cinema Theatre, who states they will holding a 15 minute special trailer event for Batman V Superman. That’s not to say fans will see 15 minutes of footage, but will probably be shown some exclusive material perhaps a word from Zack Snyder/the main cast or a featurette of some sorts. The trailer itself stands at two minutes six seconds according to the BBFC who just gave the clip a 12A rating.

CBM have also just reported that Regal Movies posted a list of the selected IMAX screens that will play the full-length trailer on Monday the 20th:


This list was later pulled from the site.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice is scheduled for release March 25th 2016

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