Brad Bird Discusses ‘Incredibles 2’ Story

A long awaited sequel that just about everyone is looking forward too, The Incredibles 2 will no doubt draw huge crowds to theatres for it’s 2016 release.

Writer/Director Brad Bird sat down with Little White Lies recently to talk about his ideas for the animated superhero sequel:

“Well, I worry if you comment too much on other movies then you might just be coasting off their good will. There was a very lazy trend in comedy where somebody would start singing the theme song from ‘The Flintstones’ and you’re supposed to dig on it just because you recognise it. So I don’t like that. I think that movies ought to work in and of themselves.”


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It sounds as though Bird wants to make the second installment a stand alone success and not one that constantly relies on the appeal of the first, perhaps with a little less social commentary as that was the real idea behind The Incredibles. The family has now found its place in the World so maybe we’ll see them as everyday Supers, living normal lives while also dubbing as Earthly protectors. Audiences fell in love with the family because they were portrayed as normal people with relatable problems, even if their biggest was pretending they didn’t have superhuman powers.

Having just begun to write the screenplay, It’s clear that the film is in good hands with Bird. After all, he had always maintained that he wouldn’t do a sequel unless he could come up with a story that’s “just as good or better” than the original. Sounds good to me.

Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet and Jack Jack are set to return to our screens in 2016

Fingers crossed for Frozone too! 

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