‘Power Rangers’ Short Pulled From The Web; Creativity Hindered?

The most popular online video of the week has been hit with a copyright infringement, much to the disgust of it’s maker Adi Shankar; a producer on movies such as Dredd, The Grey and Lone Survivor.

The video had received over 11 million views in only two days and was met with nothing but praise from both the public and the media. The undoubtedly original take on the popular children’s TV series gave the Mighty Morphin team an R-rated edge that really made for some great action, to the pleasant surprise of older viewers. For Saban Entertainment however, the popularity of this new short wasn’t good news. Perhaps the property owner saw the footage as a threat to their plans for a Power Rangers Movie, coming from Lionsgate in July next year.

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Shankar spoke to HuffPost just moments after the short was pulled from YouTube:

Clearly Shankar is a passionate “fanboy” who has been involved with some incredible movies and fan-films over recent years, he creates from that honest passion and so naturally we do feel for the guy.

This case certainly brings to the forefront the grey areas of policies surrounding creativity and distribution, and may also indicate that studios have too much power over their properties…So much so they can stamp out threats to their own productions.

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