How could We Ever ‘Let it Go’? Disney Unveils ‘Frozen Fever’

Disney has released a handful of images along with a behind the scenes featurette to begin unveiling their new ‘Frozen’ short film ‘Frozen Fever’, though we’ve had the symptoms for a while now.

Anna Kristen Bell, Elsa Idina Menzel, Kristoff Jonathan Groff and Olaf Josh Gad are returning in a new seven minute short film, set a couple of months after the first, that appears to revolve around Elsa throwing a birthday party for Anna. The studio has said the film will be shown on the 13th of March in front of Cinderella, their live action take on the timeless fairy-tale character.

Frozen Fever featurette:

Plus five new images:






Looking forward to Frozen Fever? Or are you disappointed that we’re not getting a full length film sequel this time around?

One thought on “How could We Ever ‘Let it Go’? Disney Unveils ‘Frozen Fever’

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