Johnny Knoxville Talks Ideas for Potential ‘Jackass’ 4

The self-made stuntman behind Jackass and Bad Grandpa Johnny Knoxville wants to bring us more gain from his pain.


In an interview with MTV at Sundance, the 43 year old outlined his plans for a new movie that fuses the ridiculously risky stunts of Jackass with the narrative structure of Bad Grandpa saying, “Bad Grandpa’ was a narrative with stunts, and this is more of a narrative with pranks,”. “It’s probably going to hurt.” He surmised.

The Knoxville, Tennessee born…Knoxville made it clear he would be doing the obscene stunts, and that there wouldn’t be the hair and make-up breaks in filming like there was for his last outing in 2013.

Whatever you’re up to try to be careful Johnny!
…we know you won’t listen…

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