‘Furious 7’ Wins Super Bowl

“How much!?”

Studios that decided to run trailers for the masses during the Big Game paid an estimated $4.5 million for a thirty-second spot.

When we think of the big summer blockbusters we think big money, hundreds of millions of dollars spent making them. What we may not give as much thought to is the difference in the marketing budget, of which several million dollars probably equates to around 20%. Not sure I’d be so hasty to book a slot to show a sliver of footage at that price. In fact if I had to I’d probably go Bowl-listic.

As you might have gathered from your Twitter Stream, there were many new trailers on display both before and after the epic clash, several of which were totally new even to us avid movie fans. We’ve touched on how much we loved the Jurassic World trailer but we do have a clear champion, and it’s not the New England Patriots. Furious 7 was one such trailer that hadn’t been shown in advance of the game and so naturally we were keen to see more after the teaser we got back in December. Vin and Co. once again left us with nothing to complain about, displaying that this franchise is more than capable of taking yet another step up from the Stunt fueled, action packed insanity of Fast and Furious 6 (2013).

See for yourself:

Mad isn’t it. All I can think about is the Hyper-car launching from one skyscraper to another at the end there. As if cars parachuting from a plane wasn’t already jaw dropping enough. We’ve also been happy to see that the clips have not been Paul Walker (Brick Mansions) tribute videos, at least not the first two. As much as I still cannot grasp the fact that he’s passed away, I felt it would have been more of an honour to him if they’d have carried on with the seventh installment at full throttle. To continue the franchise as his legacy really. This along with the additions of Jason Statham (The Transporter) and Tony Jaa (The Protector) will only accelerate this movie to the top, and inevitably challenge the sky high box office numbers of it’s predecessor.

Furious 7 is set for Nationwide release in the UK on the 3rd April

Click here to see more Super Bowl trailers.

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