New ‘Insurgent’ Trailer Fails to Impress Long-time Fans

Many die-hard fans of the Divergent Series are speaking out against the new Superbowl pre-game trailer for Insurgent that was released late yesterday. We’ve sieved through an array of comments and found that long-time fans were generally not impressed with the changes the studio has made. While we understand that sometimes it’s good to reinvent the wheel a bit, in this case there are many alterations that seem somewhat unnecessary.

The trailer itself is packed full of slo-mo shots and lots of Shailene Woodley, who plays the central character Tris, falling from great heights…….also in slow motion. Unfortunately the first film in the series, Divergent, didn’t thrill us, although it is regarded as one of the better Hunger Games rip-offs, which is pretty fair to say. The World seemed sort of interesting but the movie ultimately fell flat due to the amount of holes in the plot. This new one-and-a-half minute insight into Insurgent reeks of desperation with so many generic shots that almost seem outdated, in addition the visual effects really don’t work at all and that’s plain lazy.

That being said. this is a trailer and these are opinions about that trailer. The movie may be a fantastic sequel and could help propel this franchise much further than its predecessor. Most importantly we hope that fans of the books get a film that deserves to bare it’s title.

Check out the the 3D poster for Tris:

Insurgent is set to hit theatres on the 20th March 

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