A fresh look at Zack Snyder’s ‘Man Of Steel’

Okay. So Man of Steel is last years news (Mews) so why am I bringing up this comic book/summer blockbuster/origin story movie? Well I think the film is an interesting one, and it seems to be growing on me each time I watch it.

Now to give you some context, I am no comic book fanboy; don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy a good superhero movie, but my experience of this as a kid was watching the few animated series  that were on during the late nineties early noughties. However, if I had to chose one superhero it would have to be superman because I always admired his ‘others before himself’ approach and how every decision he made was based from that mind-set. The character has so much to take from that making a film about him would seem either exciting or impossible, or maybe just both – after all we’ve had a few bad ones in the past..cough..Superman Returns..cough.

Upon my first viewing in the theater I was completely overwhelmed with the fight scene/scenes, that was really my initial reaction to it all. I couldn’t even think about the rest of the film because of all the effects that were blasted at me for the last half hour. But I do remember being a little disappointed. Plus I couldn’t see this world being populated by other superheroes like batman and the justice league team. My second and third viewings salvaged my opinion of this film. The more I watch it the more I get it, the more it resonates with me.

First off the movie is pretty epic; it draws on the Jor-El/God, Kal-El/Jesus comparison. The story is told in this way in order to make the audience understand the meaning of this super powered being coming down from the heavens and living among us.

It’s an origins story that in my mind doesn’t even amount to act 1 scene 1 of the DC cinematic universe, but rather the epilogue if you will. I think the feel of this film will differ from the rest to come the most, which you can see the dates for at the bottom of this article.

Another important factor is that superman is still a youngish superman. In the film, Kal states that he has been on earth 32 years, and from this we can speculate that he is perhaps set to get stronger and above all else learn how to control and best use his abilities.

One thing I cannot understand is why the team at DC Warner Bros. Decided to use up the Kryptonian characters on their first film. Other Kryptonians are really almost the perfect physical match for Kal-El, I say almost because Kal has been on earth far longer than the rest and therefore his powers have manifested much further than the rest, and so provide great competition for the man of steel.

All in all, Man of Steel succeeds in it’s goal to tell the famous origins tale of Kal-El of Krypton and sets up the World in which fellow superheroes can not only inhabit, but have room to create their own identities.

Upcoming Scheduled Warner Bros./DC Films

March 25th 2016: Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

August 5th 2016: Suicide Squad

June 23rd 2017: Wonder Woman

November 17th 2017: Justice League, Part 1

March 23rd 2018: The Flash

July 27th 2018: Aquaman

April 25th 2019: Shazam

June 14th 2019: Justice League, Part 2

April 3rd 2020: Cyborg

June 19th 2020: Green Lantern

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